Legal employment in the richest countries and resorts in the world

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Why work abroad?

High income

The salary of an average of $ 700 to $ 4000

Exciting life

The ability to live in the most developed parts of the world, which really feel the spirit of the 21st century

Accumulated savings

The employer is fully provided with accommodation, food, transport

International experience

Valuable experience will allow you to quickly move up the career ladder

Improving language skills

The ability to bring your English to the level of native speaker, as well as to learn another foreign language

Work migration

in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, where a good job can only be accessed with a decent experience and professional skills

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Why go to work on the Ghattour program?

Global brands

Our customers - top international companies


You provided flight in both directions. At the airport you will be met by the employer company


You will get a work visa, which entitles you to legal employment

Medical insurance

Provided insurance that covers medical costs


The program provides comfortable apartments, as a rule, with a swimming pool and gym


Under the terms of the contract you provide three meals a day

We provide all the information support program participants throughout their stay abroad

The stages of our cooperation

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Prepare documents for visa

You get a working visa and air tickets

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We verify all VAT numbers and we require company documents .