Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ghattour recruitment company has great business relations with hundreds of companies around the globe.

One of the most important issues in business is a good relationship with clients and candidates based on trust, honesty and transparency.

Today’s business world is rapidly changing and fast-developing. Simultaneously it is complex and dictated by a competitive market. The business environment of today is characterized by rapid scientific and technological progress, dynamic changes and globalization of the world market and growing competition.

These trends create new opportunities as well as complexity for our clients and candidates. To be honest, I should really say our requirements to the contemporary people are changed also. Demographic shifts mean that, despite a growing global population, the availability of skilled workers is expected to decline in many countries, creating a global rush for talent. However, you can be absolutely sure that among the enormous world population there are a lot of talents and we work with the best one.

As a president of the company, I want the best for my customers and candidates.

Ghattour recruitment company is committed to the company attract highly motivated specialists able to carry out the work required. Our consultants work with great pleasure, realizing their talents and hidden potential in the approach to solving complex problems. Ensuring internal and external personnel reserve providing opportunities as quickly as possible and effective selection of candidates to an appropriate position.

I am keen on my job and I have a vision of a new type of recruitment company. A company that would be responsive to its clients and candidates. A company that is:

  •  Act quickly
  •  Up-front and honest
  •  Keep communication channels open
  •  Good quality of preparing the candidate
  •  Professionally in finding best Solutions

Dear candidate, let my team share our vision with your requirements and goals. We are a perfect position to develop your next step in career.

Dear client, we want to cooperate and consult with you in order to assist you in bringing the best candidates.

Ghattour recruitment company does what it takes to make you successful.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss our future relationship and I will respond within next 12 hours.


Chairman & CEO,

Mohamed Mohamed Ghattour.

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