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Dear Client, Ghattour recruitment company is an international recruitment agency with a customary network of best in class recruitment professionals. We offering recruitment services to a diverse range of clients in the public and commercial sectors.

We recruit into many niche areas, which include Education, Hotel and Restaurant Industry, Information Technology & Telecommunications, Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Corporate & Professional Services, Engineering, Construction & Property, Energy (Oil & Gas), Aerospace & Defense, Retail.

As a full-service firm, Ghattour recruitment company provides contingency, retained and project-based search services to organizations across the globe. From entry-level positions, to executive management, we have the experience and the extended network of partners that give us possibility to provide each client with the most talented professionals.

Our Industry Specialized Recruiters, allows us to source the top candidates for every position. Working with Ghattour recruitment company means you have a dedicated team of recruiters and managers that truly understands every department within your company – and with our proactive, team-based approach, you can feel confident that your hiring needs are our first priority.

We offer a professional, friendly and supportive culture built around our organizational Promise and Values.

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